Sunday, January 23, 2011

Descending To Track 21

Sometimes you are late and arrive just in time to make the train but not to get a seat. On Express trains that may mean standing all the way home since yours will be the second stop - forty five minutes later.

The little things matter. That's why I commute with my BB and my iPod.


jgy said...

Descending, and yet feels "High", I like the crown of her head at the top of the frame, and the way you cropped her and the great sense of space.
Looking at subway stairs and the spaces of station cf: monumental stairs and stairs in public spaces in history and architecture...great one here, maybe for the cover?!

Nora said...

Standing up in the train for 45 minutes would wear me out.

Mick said...

I'm worn out just hearing about it!

I love the abstract shape the lights take in this one, John. May I lift these and use in some future work of my own?

John M. Mora said...

Certainly, Mick.