Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Morning, Not Afternoon

Heading towards the E platform.

Later in the day I cleaned the BB lens - bit murky. Still having difficulties timing exposures with new BB - too many shots are from the back since that allows greatest predictability.


Mick said...

In my misspent youth at the clubs, a woman such as this would have received the highest of ratings: She's built like a Grand Prix Race Track - All Curves!

John M. Mora said...

When a picture is taken vertically, the current BB lens elongates anything in the middle of the frame and widens figures at the sides. Many subject look taller and slimmer. Since I click the shutter on this BB on the side, it is almost impossible to take a landscape image. Thus, all the "portrait" shots.

There is a way to click the shutter in the BB’s center roller. It is so easy to lose the camera mode when using the roller that it is impractical to use it when shooting images.

I misspsent much money on leisure suits.