Sunday, July 31, 2011

Loaner BB

The top two pics were taken with my new BB. The bottom one was taken with a loaner BB that was newer than my original model and which had no flash. I only had that loaner for a few days.

I loved that no flash since it would never go off. My first BB was sett to no flash but would flash on occasion.

My new BB has a flash and sometimes it reverts to that mode and at that point it seems to not take pics.

I like what new BB is doing but I need to find this older model and get one too, maybe from eBay from someone who is crazy about having the latest gadget. The shutter reacts closer to when clicked.

I am no good with BB model names - it was a Curve or Bold or something.

1 comment:

Mick said...

If there's anything at all to the concept of kismet, the older bb you seek, after viewing the bottom photograph, will be a Curve Model! :|